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What makes NPTHC Special?

“I trained at NPTHC because I wanted to be the Best; to be the Best I have to train with the Best!”, “Master Drummond’s influence truly stretches across oceans”

– Former Student (now teaching in Texas, USA)  


Real, Practical, and Proven Self-defense

At NPTHC, the self-defense we teach is the same that special forces are taught and has been proven to work in life and death situations.


Great Grandmaster Lee Jung Nam has a distinguished career of teaching hand to hand combat to special forces units from Korea, USA, Vietnam, and New Zealand.


The same techniques Great Grandmaster Lee taught to special forces units, he also taught to Grandmaster Drummond; our head Instructor.


 NPTHC teaches students how to use bio-mechanics to defend against multiple attackers.

Competition results

NPTHC has entered a mixed martial art competition (Taranaki Multi-style Martial arts championship) and taken out the best fighting team trophy 3 straight times.  


NPTHC is not just known for exceptional sparring results, but also patterns, self-defence, and Dive-rolling.


We have current, and past, Taranaki, North Island, New Zealand, Oceania, and World Champions all training at NPTHC. At NPTHC we train champions!


World Class Instruction:

At NPTHC our Instructors have a combined experience of over 100 years of Martial Art experience.


Our head and senior instructor both started teaching before most Martial Art Instructors even began their training.


Through the excellence of our training programs students have achieved unprecedented results both domestically and on the world stage.  

NPTHC has received recognition and commendations, from the South Korean Prime Minister and heads of international Martial Arts organisations.

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