NPTHC Instructors
Line up of Masters with over 200 experience between them

Master Steve Drummond (2nd from right) with (L to R) Senior Instructor Anthony Dyer, Master Callum Forbes, Master Jeff Pardy & Master Jimmy Babbington; combined is over 200 years of Martial Art experience.

Bryan Kovaleski

Bryan Kovaleski

Bryan was the NPTHC Assistant Instructor, but now is running STHC and occasionally helps with NPTHC. He is a  1st Dan Black-belt in Taekwondo.

Bryan has been doing Taekwondo for 13  years in total but his career has been on and off until joining NPTHC. Bryan wanted to do his Black-belt under Master Drummond because of the quality of students  the club was producing so he joined  NPTHC in May 2015. Since joining he also apprenticed  under Master Drummond to become a certified Instructor, which he achieved in October 2017.

NPTHC members have nicknamed Bryan "Old School" as he always has a tale to tell about training back in the 1980s when he first started Taekwondo.

Master Drummond is a Internationally recognised 5th Dan Black-belt and Instructor of Taekwondo. In January 2018 Master Drummond was given the Honorary title of 7th Dan Grandmaster by World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue and Kukkiwon committee member Grandmaster Lee.

The 7th Dan was made official within New Zealand by Grandmaster Lee Jung Nam in December 2018


Master Drummond is also recognised and fully certified Black-belt  Hapkido Instructor by Hapkido New Zealand, the World Kido Federation and Hanminjok Hapkido. He is the first person in New Zealand to officially hold internationally recognised Black-belts in both Taekwondo & Hapkido; they are both registered with Korean government.


In addition to the above Master Drummond is the sparring coach of  NZ Hapkido and has been a international competitor in sparring, self-defence and patterns


Master Drummond first started training in the Martial Arts in 1984 and has been teaching since 1991 first as an assistant then as a full Instructor in February 1994.

Master Drummond achieved his black-belt in December 1992 and went on to be the first person in Taranaki to achieve a 4th Dan Black-belt, and a Master title recognised by World Taekwondo in 2002. At the time he was the youngest in New Zealand to achieve this level.

Master Drummond also holds belts in Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate, Kendo, Iaido and Judo.

Meet The Team

Special Guest Instructors

Master Bahram Pishravi

Master Bahram Pishravi

Grandmaster Bahram Pishravi is a 7th Dan Black-belt and Instructor based in Rotorua, New Zealand. He has been a friend and colleague of Master Steve Drummond since the 1990s and is currently Grandmaster Lee Jung Nam's 2IC.

Master Pishravi was promoted to 7th Dan in April 2017 after sitting on his 5th Dan since 2002. He is passionate about traditional Taekwondo and has had two Grandmasters seek him out for training due to his special knowledge and skills.

While Master Drummond is a qualified examiner, Grandmaster Pishravi is the principle Taekwondo examiner for NPTHC, presiding over 75% of the gradings.

Master Callum Forbes is a 7th Dan Black-belt in Hapkido and his skills are highly respected in Korea.

Master Forbes is the president and highest ranked member of the Hapkido New Zealand as well as the highest ranking Kiwi in Hapkido.

He is also the head Instructor of the Upper Hutt Hapkido Academy which is New Zealand's largest Hapkido school with well over 100 students.

Master Forbes was also a student of Grandmaster Lee Jung Nam but in Hapkido though has done some Taekwondo.

Master Forbes is NPTHC's Hapkido Master and occasional Examiner. Master Forbes assists Master Drummond in promoting Hapkido in Taranaki.

Senior Instructor Anthony  Dyer, or "Antz" as he likes to be called, is a 3rd Dan Black-belt and Head Instructor of the Manawatu Hapkido Club.

Antsz was the last Hapkido Black-belt to be graded by Grandmaster Lee Jung Nam before he handed over the New Zealand Hapkido reins to Master Forbes. He is very highly skilled and Knowledgeable especially in wrist locks which he excels at.

Antz being the closest and highest ranking Black-belt to NPTHC helps us with the finer points to improve our Hapkido in-between gradings, and is a qualified coloured belt examiner for NPTHC.

NPTHC has a special bond with Antz as he has spent a lot of time with members helping.