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  • Is there a joining fee and what are the club fees?
    Yes there is a one off joining fee of $20.00 per family. Our monthly club fees are $50.00 per month (calendar). This is for all classes; that means you can attend as many classes as you like. Consecutive family members are $25.00 each per month.
  • Do I have to be in good shape before I start?
    No, you will get into shape as you train. We have a series of exercises that you will learn as you progress through the ranking system which will enable you to perform the self defense techniques.
  • Are your belts recognised elsewhere (IE nationally and/or internationally)?
    Yes, our club is registered and recognised by the governing bodies for both Taekwondo and Hapkido, both within New Zealand and Internationally. All our Black belts are certified and recognised by the World Taekwondo. In addition, our Hapkido Black-belts are recognised by the New Zealand Hapkido, Hanminjok Hapkido and the World KiDo Federation. You will likely find an Affiliated Taekwondo School in almost every city in the world. There is also over 5000 affiliated Hapkido schools worldwide.
  • How do I go up a Belt?
    Through a grading exam; this is test of a student’s skills, experience, knowledge, attitude and mental fortitude to determine if they are ready to progress up a belt/grade. Black-belt level can be achieved five to seven years of regular training, or as little as four years if the student has had a fair bit of prior Martial Art experience.
  • Do you enter competitions?
    Yes, but you don’t have too if it’s not your thing. Competitions are a good way to test your skills against others of similar experience with a minimal risk of serious injury. We have a strong history of doing extremely well in competition fighting and producing champion fighters; including 6 world champions.
  • Do I need to wear uniform?
    No, not to begin with and not if you are casually training; gym gear or just some loose-fitting clothing is fine. If your clothing will allow you to move freely, and do kicks, it is perfect. If you want to get serious about Taekwondo, or Hapkido, want to move up belts and/or compete then you will be required to get a Taekwondo or Hapkido uniform. We call the uniform a “Do-bok” (pronounced doe-bok) which is Korean. While the modern Do-boks are made from lightweight material the wearing of the Do-bok is steeped in centuries of important tradition. The cleaning, maintaining, and wearing of the Do-bok (even down to the way it is ironed) shows pride and respect for one’s self and others. Students are strongly urged to take full responsibility for all aspects of their uniform themselves; especially teenagers.
  • How much does a uniform cost and where do I get one from?
    It is recommended you start off with a basic one which is $50.00 for Taekwondo and $85.00 for Hapkido ; all beginner uniforms include a White-belt. NPTHC keeps a selection of Taekwondo DoBoks on hand, and the Hapkido DoBoks are ordered as needed from Hapkido NZ.
  • Is there anyone famous I would know that has trained in Taekwondo (and/or Hapkido)?
    Jackie Chan (Actor/Stuntman) Bruce Lee (Martial Art legend/ Actor) Muhammad Ali (Boxing legend) Elvis Priestley (Singer) Chuck Norris (Actor) Billy Banks (Taebo creator/ Actor) Arnold Schwarzenegger (Actor/Politician) Jo Rogan (UFC) Jennifer Garner (Actress) Jessica Alba (Actress) Phil Nickolson (Golfer) Willy Nelson (Country & Western Singer) Dave Mustain (Musician; Megadeath) Criss Angel (Magician) Barack Obama (Politician) Bill Clinton (Politician) Michael Jai White (Actor; The Dark Knight) Tony Jaa (Actor; Ong-bak) Eric Roberts (Actor; The Dark Knight) Evan Rachel Wood (Actress; CSI/ Westworld) Katheryn Winnick (Actress; Vikings) Rick Yune (Actor; The fast and the Furious) Dolph Lundren (Actor; The Expendables) Michael Imperioli (Actor; The Sopranos) Donnie Yen (Actor; IP man) Jean-Claude Van Damme (Actor; Kickboxer) Sean Patrick Flanery (Actor; Boondock Saints) Gary Daniels (Actor; The Expendables) Lorenzo Lamas (Actor; Falcon Crest) Devon Aoki (Actress; Fast and the Furious) Ryan Phillipe (Actor; Flags of Our Fathers) Loren Avedon (Actor; King of the Kickboxers) Kaklil Kain (Actor; Juice) Daniel Bernhardt (Actor; Hunger Games) Gary Bussey (Actor; Lethal Weapon) Vince Murdocco (Actor; The A Team, X-men) Bas Rutten (UFC; Inside MMA) Noah Ringer (Actor; The Last Airbender) Sharon Stone (Actress; Basic Instinct) Jose Canseco (Major League Baseball) Cynthia Rothrock (Actress; Blonde Fury / Martial Art Woman’s Legend) Sasha Mitchell (Actor; Dallas) David Lee Roth (Musician) Anderson Silva (UFC) Anthony Pettis (UFC) Sarah Michelle-Gellar (Actress; Buffy the Vampire slayer) and many more….
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