Taranaki Multi-style Martial Art Championships
in conjunction with the
NZ Hapkido Regional Champs
NZTF Regional Champs.
Saturday 1st May 2021
Bell Block Hall,
Bell Block, New Plymouth

Doors open to public 8:00am

Spectator Fee:                     $5 per person

Children under 5yrs:            No Charge




NPTHC is proud to host once again the Taranaki Multi-style Martial Arts Championships and invites you to join us.

Included in this event are:

  • Open Stand-up only sparring: a mix of Karate, 1990 Taekwondo, and Free-style kickboxing rules to make our own unique set of rules.

  • Open Hapkido Sparring; using the Oceania rules, including leg kicks and grappling.

  • Open Self-defense competition; put together a 1 to 2min display of self-defense techniques.

  • Hapkido patterns competition

  • Open Weapons competition; display of weapon use in the form of a pattern.

  • Open Dive-rolling competition; both long and high dive-rolling competitions.


Enter one or many events!

Common Questions & Answers

Q. Do we have to enter an official (corner judge or a ref)?

Short answer is yes please.

Without referees and corner judges we will not be able to run an event. It also helps to keep things as fair as possible. If we get enough officials we rotate in out the corner judges and referees to allow for them to warm-up, fight and coach. In 2019 we had referees from 5 different martial arts and it worked really well.

Q. Do have to wear Dobok/Gi/Uniform?

Yes, it is in the rules; please wear your styles, full and complete uniform. It is also a matter of pride and respect in your art. For Muay Thai (and similar) please wear your shorts and club branded shirt.

Q. My style doesn't wear sparring PPE, do we have to wear it?

Yes you do sorry.

NPTHC health & safety officer has done extensive research on this, and we have to enforce the wearing of safety PPE equipment of all fighters due to the new regulations for all combat sports. Most martial art clubs would have groin protectors, fighting helmets, gloves and shin'&'instep protectors. NPTHC will provide the chest guards for any  competitors that need them as these are not common issue in other the martial arts, these are to be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes (provided) and returned to the equipment checking desk.

Q. My style doesn't fight by your rules, can you change them to suit?

No! Unfortunately bringing so many martial art styles together for one competition (multi-style) it is impossible for the rules to 100% accommodate everyone and every style. The rules are clearly outlined in the info packs and we understand are unique to this event. We have tried to combine rule sets to cover as many different styles as possible but the ultimate goal is a mutual set of rules. Even the Hapkido sparring rules are a mash-up of several different other martial art styles.

Q. Will you except late entries?

No sorry. And this is not negotiable! the Entry Dates are clearly defined on all the literature. 

Q. Do I have enter through my club, cant I send you the entry forms and make payment directly to you?

Where possible please do you entries through your club; we ask for a little understanding on this one to make our organisation a little easier. However it doesn't mean we wont except individual entries and payments if you must do it that way. Just make sure the your included onto  your club's team forms and you have your Instructors permission.

Q. Where can I get entry forms?

email us at npthc@slinshot.co.nz

Or Digital entry form below this section.


Q. My style using boxing gloves, can I use boxing gloves instead of the MMA or Taekwondo Gloves?

Negative. For both Stand-up sparring and Hapkido sparring only MMA/TKD gloves (TKD gloves are very similar to MMA gloves) are permitted. For the Hapkido sparring the gloves are compulsory, but for the stand-up only fighting you are allowed to go bare-knuckle; if you wish (Most martial arts train their students to punch properly bare-knuckle anyway).

Q. How much does it cost?

Entry Fee (for first Category)                 $50.00 (paid on or before Friday 16th April)

Early entry Fee (for first Category)        $35.00 (if paid by Friday 26th March)

Additional Competition Category              $20.00


NB: Competitors make all payments to your club and clubs make all deposits as above; please do not make individual competitor payments.


Important; please note the following;

  • The closing date for receiving entries, declaration forms and team lists is, 10:00pm Friday, 16th April 2021

  • Instructors please make sure that the team list forms are used and filled in correctly when emailing the names of your competitors through.

  • All Entry Fees be paid by 10:00pm Friday, 16th April 2021

  • Early entries close 10:00pm Friday, 26th March 2021




Details collected will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. Health information (regarding existing conditions/allergies etc) will only be disclosed to first-aid personnel if deemed appropriate. Registration information will only be accessible to authorised persons. Players are advised to inform their coach/Team Manager of any relevant health information for the purposes of treatment. Team Managers are advised that they should maintain appropriate emergency contact details for their team members.


All competitors take part at their own risk.  While all care is taken, the organisers and their representatives will take no responsibility, under any circumstances, for any damage, injury, or loss to individuals and their equipment.

Competitor Declaration and Entry Forms

To Sign the declaration and fill out the entry form online please complete the below


I/the below competitor:

  1. Have been advised by the organisers of the risk in competing, have read the tournament hazard control plans and will comply with the requirements.                                                                                                                           

  2. Has not knowingly used any drugs or substances for the purpose of enhancing performance (prohibited substances include anabolic steroids, beta-blockers, stimulants, such as caffeine, narcotics/analgesics, such as codeine, pseudoephedrine found in medicine for colds and flu, and diuretics).(More information at www.drugfreesport.org.nz)

  3. In the event of any illness and/or accident, I hereby authorise and direct the organisers and/or their authorised representatives to seek and obtain all necessary medical and/or surgical treatment as may be required and I accept the responsibility for payment and/or reimbursement of all medical expenses incurred on my behalf by the organisers.

  4. Undertake that I will observe all tournaments rules and shall comply with all reasonable directions and decisions of the officials.

  5. Hereby acknowledge that I enter/participate in this event at my own risk!

  6. Understand that I cannot compete if I have been concussed within 30 days prior to this competition and hereby confirm that I/they have not been so concussed. I also confirm that, in the event that a concussion has occurred prior to that, medical clearance for participation has been obtained.

  7. Acknowledge that photographs may be taken during the competition by the organisers or other persons and that I may appear in those photographs. In the event that I appear in the photographs, I authorise the organisers and any associated bodies to use and authorise use of the photographs taken at this competition for promotional purposes, including publication on websites. I will make no claim against the organisers or associated bodies for any fee or royalty in relation to the use of the photographs.




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